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Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Headphones Spirit Sports Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0



  • Hardcore SweatGuard Protection and a Secure Fit for Exhilarating Workouts.
  • Even the highest IPX-ratings are simply not enough to defend against the corrosive power of sweat. Spirit implements a submarine-inspired structure and impermeable hydro-seal to create an impervious barrier around the sensitive internal components.
  • Spirit is engineered with a premium Li-ion battery and exclusive power management technology. This ultra-efficient combination powers up to 8 hours' of non-stop music for a week's worth of workouts.
  • Audio will pause briefly and a 'beep' tone will sound to indicate low battery.
  • For the best sound performance, select the EarTips that best fit the size of your ears.

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